What we offer

We are delighted to be able to offer sports and gambling content to our clients.

NWS has been a long time in the making, but we are now thriving and fulfilling the content needs of a number of loyal customers.

Just to let everybody know, as CEO of NWS I myself specialise in writing football content. I have written both online and offline for the last decade and there is very little I have not written about when it comes to the beautiful game.

My team of freelance writers are highly talented and write on a variety of niches. When it comes to sports writing we have F1, tennis, cricket, golf and horse racing experts just waiting to get their teeth stuck into their favourite subjects.

Not only that, we also have a talented American writer who loves nothing more than to write about the NFL and NBA.

If you need gambling content then you are in for a treat. On our team are a group of gambling aficionados, who have written casino, slot and game reviews for a number of our clients.

Our main aim is to supply engaging and entertaining content at a fair price to our customers.

Most of our freelance writers are native speakers from the UK or the USA. However, the non-native writers who do occasionally write content for us are heavily vetted and produce work of a very high standard.

Our fees are worked on an individual basis, so please use the contact form to get quotes for our services. I hope you enjoy your visit to and I hope to work with you soon.


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